Apocrypha Auctions

& Acquisitions

A small auction house and rare object trading company in Final Fantasy XIV on the Balmung Server


A Basic Introduction

Mist Ward 19
Plot 15

Crystal Data Center Balmung Server

In Character Information

Welcome to Apocrypha Auctions and Acquisitions, a small auction house and rare object trading company.Acquiring unique alchemical concoctions, spices, aetherial artifacts, and art, we auction these off to discerning clientele.Beneath this we trade in far more unique objects, collecting illicit poisons, banned books, dangerous artifacts, and stolen treasures to sell to the highest bidder or most secretive buyer.

Out of Character Information

We host an auction every 3 months as well as short arcs and company jobs.The auction house has a pretty wide variety of member nationalities, but we're predominately online in the afternoon for EST to the late evening for PST.Apocrypha prefers to stay within near to flexible lore for FFXIV and we're willing to work with those interested for their characters and story-lines.Outside of RP we run regular content, especially maps and mount farms.To Apply to the FC or to become an Associate : https://tinyurl.com/ApocApp


All gil and products are IC

In Character Information

Apocrypha hosts themed auctions of artifacts, curios, and oddities. You will not be disappointed by each auction’s hand-picked selection, the cream of the crop that rises beyond other items of mystique in Mister Apocrypha’s stores. At least one item from each set will pique your interest. ~

Note that we aren’t responsible for any mishaps that occur as a result of the misuse of any of our products or misfortunes that take place upon the item leaving the establishment.

Art by the amazing Bel by the Sea
Bel's Twitter


All gil and products are IC.• Please turn on shout and yell chat.• Each item starts at the arbitrary Mr. Apocrypha price stated.• Bids increase in degrees of 100k gil.• As this is an active auction the signal for raising your placard will be using the /greet emote or the /wave emote.• Ensure that your emotes are visible in chat log as well.• Please do not just yell numbers, we’re bidding in increments.• Items can be ICly arranged for collection with the second assistant auctioneers after the bidding has ended. Please meet the Assistant Auctioneers in room #7• Each Item will have a max bidding time limit of 5 minutes. Please go to https://chronograph.io/cLZN3DWF
GM’d items will be arranged through /tell after all of the items have been ICly collected.

Any other questions or concerns during auction can be sent to:
Enkhjargal Dalamiq
Camille Everardi.
Roman Barlowe
Alexois Jervaint
Arlene Lamoreaux
Kyle Anderson
Khoda Mao


Apocrypha Presents

Rebuild & Reach Out

Join us in celebrating Apocrypha's first Charity Auction with items from three lands changed by the End of Days.8:00 pm ESTJanuary 29, 2023Balmung - Mist Ward 19 Plot 15All proceeds will go to reconstruction efforts for areas most severely harmed during the End of Days. Please feel free to make requests of regions of preference for donations.[Please remember all gil is IC! No OOC gil is exchanged!]

Contact Us

In game or on Discord

Please feel free to contact our FC leads directly in game or on discord with any questions or if you're curious!Enkhjargal Dalamiq | The One and Only Unus Nauta#9702
Camille Everardi | Razzlebeth#5486
Or any of our officersRoman Barlowe | vicarlaw#3842
Alexois Jervaint | Peerless_Atlan
Arlene Lamoreaux | LickyLareLorenzo#1954
Kyle Anderson | Kyle_Anderson#9373
You can follow us on Tumblr for any updates on upcoming auctions or affiliate events : https://apocrypha-rp.tumblr.com/To Apply to the FC or to become an Associate : https://tinyurl.com/ApocApp

Auction Visitor Rules

Please Read

All gil and products are IC.• Please be courteous to others RPing in the space.This is an LGBTQ+ friendly space, and no bigotry will be tolerated on the premises.• Darker themes may be present. We request that all clientele be at least 18 or older both IC and OOC.• If someone asks OOCly for anything to stop - cease immediately. Respect boundaries, period.• Weapons are to be ICly checked at the door.• Minions are allowed, though we ask that they be in character.• All fights will be directed outside of the estate.• Auction items are entirely IC items.• No OOC (real) gil is required. You may tip if you feel so inclined!

Apply to the FC

Please Read

Age of Play: All players must be over the age of 18 to join.Trial period: All new members undergo a 2 week trial before being accepted as full members of the Apocrypha. During this period, you are not allowed to make a chamber or add alts to the company. If you make a chamber and fail your trial, the cost will not be refunded. If we feel you or your character are not a good fit for the Apocrypha you may be asked to leave.OOC Respect: Involved in an ongoing plot with several members of community? Please ensure all members involved are aware OOC before, for example, assassinating them IC. Character death can only occur with OOC consent.Goofing off: We tend to occasionally goof off OOC, though please be mindful where you do this. Please avoid the cities if you’re hopping around or spamming emote messages. If someone is nearby RPing do not interrupt their immersion with antics you could be doing elsewhere.Mature Emotes: It happens and sometimes is necessary for communicating to a larger group OOC. If you are in a publicly inhabited area and your current RP is getting graphic/gory or intensively sexual, please move the RP to party chat.Passive-aggressive behavior: Here at Apocrypha we understand sometimes you've had a bad day. While the odd passive aggressive remark will likely be overlooked, ongoing passive-aggressive behavior OOC will not be allowed. If you cannot socialize OOC without resorting to passive aggressive comments, snide remarks or getting into arguments, please consider taking a step away from the FC chat channel.Griefing/unsolicited advances: No Griefing on social media, chat channels, dungeons, et al. If you are addressing someone inappropriately OOC, consider you might be making them uncomfortable and cease this activity. Not sure? Ask them instead of assuming.IC is not OOC: Metagaming, constantly retconning RP, and blurring the lines between IC/OOC means people will be less inclined to RP with you and could result in your removal if it gets out of control.Free company members and associates will not OOCly harass, inflame, incite, or attack others, either within or outside of the free company, publicly or privately, for any reason, including race, gender, sexual or fetishist preferences.Requests for free services and items: Any services such as crafting items without providing materials, art without payment, cash store items or similar in game and out of game services are not to be requested, hinted at or pressured for from free company or linkshell members. However, if a service or item is offered without payment, a member of the fc or ls is free to take it.Alts: We allow alts but request that they be active. We aren't an alt closet or a revolving door for your characters.No ERP in the public linkshell or public channels. Do whatever you wish in group chat or tells, preferably somewhere private. We understand MT's happen but please try your best to avoid it.Hiatuses happen and are needed, just let us know please.Disciplinary System VERY SIMPLE: OOC Rules Breaking - 3 strikes you’re out system. If there is a rapid succession of small offenses, it may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the company. If there are multiple occurrences of the same rule being broken, it may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the company. Serious offenses such as OOC sexual harassment, ongoing OOC bullying of a FC member or a member of the community for an extended period of time, stalking or similar actions may result in immediate dismissal.Apocrypha officers reserve the right to dismiss company members at any time for abusive actions and remove associates from our linkpearl and discord.To Apply to the FC or to become an Associate : https://tinyurl.com/ApocApp